Collecting Points

How do I collect points?

You earn points by redeeming any of the products listed in Collectables section. Purchase any of the participating products, collect the indicated packaging and bring them to the Nestlé Consumer Centre.

You earn 50 bonus points upon registering to the Nestlé Collect scheme. Your new card has to be collected in person at our centre.

What are General Points & NDG Points?

General Points are points collected by bringing in any of the participating Nestlé products, excluding Nescafe Dolce Gusto.

NDG Points are points collected by exchanging Nescafé Dolce Gusto packaging.

Double-check your points on your receipts.

Kindly, make sure to double-check your points on your receipts before you leave the Nestlé Consumer Centre, as we will no longer amend previous transactions.

Which products are participating in the scheme?

To view the products that are currently participating in the scheme, kindly click on the ‘Collectables’ tab.

Product packaging may change from time to time. So, if you have the same product but with different packaging, the probability is that it will also be collected. However, we do not exchange points for products that are not imported through Nestlé Malta.

If in doubt as to whether a product is collectable, kindly contact our Customer Care department via freephone 80007 4117 or email

What is collectable – the product package, jar, lid or just label?

To view which part of the packaging is collectable, kindly click on the ‘Collectables’ tab. Underneath the product name you will find an icon and description of what you need to retain. If in doubt as to what what you need to collect, kindly contact our Customer Care department via freephone 80007 4117 or email

NOTE: We take our commitments to the environment very seriously and, together with Greenpak, we endeavour to recycle all the collected recyclable packaging. For more information on our environmental commitments kindly visit our Environment page.

How long are my points valid for?

Your points do not expire. Your account will remain active as long as Nestlé Collect remains in operation.

Do I need a physical card to earn and redeem points?

Yes. It is important to bring your Nestlé Collect card with you when you come to the centre to collect or redeem your points. You can obtain your Nestlé Collect card by registering online.  your card is due to be collected in your first visit at Nestlé Collect